Webhosting for beginners

Below is a list of the most common Web Hosting FAQs by people who are interesting in registering with a website hosting service provider. If you are one of them too, then your questions will probably be answered.

What is website hosting?

Web hosting refers to the service that makes it possible for you to store the HTML documents and files related to your website by uploading them on a web server. Through their server, your website will then become available for viewing by the public on the Internet.

Why use a paid website hosting instead of a free hosting service?

There are quite a few benefits of paid web hosting, such as domain names. With paid website hosting, a website can be hosted at any desired domain name, while with free website hosting; the website has to be hosted under the hosting provider’s name, which lengthens the website address. With paid website hosting, you can control the content that appears on your website and you will not be required to display the website hosting provider’s advertisements, as with free website hosting.

Another huge benefit of paid hosting is that you can get a considerable amount of bandwidth and disk space. Typically, the amounts of bandwidth and disk space you get with free hosting are limited. Larger bandwidth and disk space means that more files can be held, which means more visitors will visit your website. Finally, with paid website hosting, the functionality of the website can be increased with scripts, such as free CGI script, databases, etc.


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