Touch Panel Computer is not The Future

70 era in the 20th century, a talented HP engineers have invented a low-cost, efficient personal computer. At that time, he strongly urged the company funds and create the PC, if HP was better than it is now looking, five million U.S. dollars will be allocated and assigned 30 engineers to complete the project, which will become the personal computer-driven force development. But HP has no future at the time that it rejected the proposal of the Engineer.

Steve Wozniak left so HP, and with Steve Jobs created the Apple, the next is history.


Now, HP seems to have committed a similar error, HP’s CTO Phil McKinney said this week, although the computer touch screen very interesting, but not the future of the computer. He pointed out that only limited use touch interface on the desktop and notebook computer on, and will not replace the mouse and keyboard, because the user must have access to the screen, enter the glass is up to unpleasant things.

Right on the case, HP or at least McKinney (again) not be able to see its future, which is why the company and the CTO does not believe that the reasons for touch-screen technology.

Touch Panel PC desktop will not be displayed once Microsoft and Dell notebooks, the vertical touch-screen, the user can use a hand-raised. Touch-screen desktop PC will become the same as the desk, touch screen notebook models in the use of touch to adjust to the flat-panel model.


And even if you can use the on-screen keyboard does not prevent you to use their mouse and keyboard, you can in writing are connected to low-cost wireless keyboard and mouse. And some are now completed through a simple mouse keyboard to work in the future will be conducted via voice command.

Similarly, HP will now consider the future of Touch Panel NOT refuse to spend billions of dollars to develop, but in the next 10 years, much of the company’s system will be set up on the touch screen interface.

Touch Panel UI field are between Microsoft and Apple compete, the competition intensified from the beginning from this year. Microsoft has stated that Windows 7 will support touch technology, and it will also launch the consumer version of Surface Product class.

At many points Apple patents touch UI at the level of industry-leading, including large and small equipment. McKinney did not see even though touch technology, but HP in their laboratory has developed a number of touch-based technology.