Tips on improving app performance

If you have an app and it’s not performing well but not up to your high expectations then we have some advice to point you in the right direction to improve your experience. If you have a great game or app out there in the play store and you want to improve it and engage your customer. Then you need to take advantage of push notifications. Push notifications are known to be great for make people act in the moment. Keep, time consuming items far away from notifications. A consumer prefers if there aren’t too many push notifications that add value. So developers need to understand this and minimize the quantity and maximize the value of push notifications.


Consumers also prefer crisp and to the point info without too much clutter. Especially when they are on the move with their tablet or phone. It’s better to be concise. A great example of making use of these features is Neon 2 car racing saga by universal games. A neat simple game that makes sure the users engages with the app and focuses on the racing. You can really build a positive relationship with any consumer by making them focus on the main thing that is important to them. In this case its entertainment value. Once you have established this your chances of converting on Ads and other things will grow. Make sure you have a paid and free version if your app in case you are going to charge money for your first venture. The free version can provide users a good taste of what’s to come.