5 Reasons Why having A Will Online is A Good Idea

Not everyone has various properties, lots of money in the bank, art works, jewels or other. However, living in the digital era, many people have increased the amount digital assets they own, regardless of their socio-economic situation. Digital assets like family pictures and videos as well as important documents both on paper and digital format.

That trend is still growing and that’s why some sites offer both online wills drafting and private cloud storing to ensure that those valuable assets and documents go to the people they want in case of their demise. For those who are still thinking about it, here are 5 reasons why drafting and storing an online will is a good idea:

  1. Online Wills are Cheaper. If you have a lawyer write up your will the cost of doing so can run anywhere from £300 to over a thousand depending on the lawyer and the fees lawyers charge for writing wills in your area. If you live on a limited budget you can write an online will for very little or no cost at all. There are some sites that have forms to help you draw up your will and ensure that you cover all the areas you need to cover.
  2. You Get the Finished Products Much Quicker. When you draw up a will online, you will get the completed will much faster than if a lawyer draws up the will. When you go to lawyer there will be an initial consultations and then there may be several weeks or months that go by before he actually finishes writing your will. Any changes to your will online can be made instantly, while again it will take a lawyer some time to institute the changes you direct them to make.
  3. You have Complete Control of Who gets What Items. An online will, like one drawn up by lawyer allows you to designate who you want to get those personal items that have some value to you either monetary or sentimental. This may be important if you have a friend or relative that has always cherished a particular dish or item of clothing in your wardrobe and you to ensure that they get that the item.
  4. A copy of your online will can be stored in the cloud where it will be within easy access to your personal representative and will be easy to distribute to those who need copies when the time comes. Some services even allow you to draft your online will and store it securely on your private could all at once.
  5. Peace of Mind. Having an online will give you peace of mind knowing that your will be easy to locate and will be easy to make changes to should you acquire more possessions, or have a change of heart.

Make sure to keep a copy of your will online, most likely with a secure private cloud service, as well as keeping one or more copies of your online will in a safe place in your home to help ensure that no one gains access to your online will and makes changes without your approval.