5 important facts about customer retention online

Customer retention in making or breaking a business. A positive customer experience can go a long way in generating sales as well as building strong relationships. It’s much easier to retain customers than it is to acquire new ones. Hence it is imperative businesses do all they can to make sure their existing customers are happy before they start looking for many more. This is crucial because you might have a problem that is symptomatic of a deeper problem so listen and engage to retain. Here are 5 facts about customer retention online.

24 hours or less is what is considered to be a positive email response time

Respond to emails quickly without delay. Especially if they have already bought something and need help. You can increase trust in your brand, and boost sales online and offline too. Anything longer than 24 hours is frowned upon by the community

53% of twitter users want a response within an hour

In this day and age everything is instant, customer service is evolving to that stage too. It is very important you are a responsive brand but you also need to be quicker and quicker year on year. A whopping 70% of twitter users also say they feel so much more positive when a brand replies. Your chances of retaining the customer online goes up dramatically.

Great online retailers see service not as a cost but a sales opportunity

Service is a major differentiating factor. A lot of people undervalue going that extra mile. You only have to do it once and you sometimes have retained that customer for years. They will be shopping at your online store as they know they can guarantee a good experience. Differentiate yourself from the competition this way too!

Customer service through email is done 94% of the time

An amazing tool for retention is email marketing and engagement. Once they see that you are an active brand are capable of responding through email then they feel much more secure. Never be a part of the 6% that don’t email even though other social media platforms are growing.

About 45% of shoppers online said that they had contacted an online retailer after a purchase

A massive area for improvement is required amongst online customer service. For retention purposes this is a huge opportunity waiting to be grasped. There are about 50% of people out there who give you the chance to do a little extra for them. Some might have had a bad experience initially but they are giving a chance for businesses to correct that.

The basic stat is that it’s almost 12 times harder to gain a new customer than it is to keep a new one, especially after you have had a bad experience with an existing customer. With social media platforms it is imperative that brands do their utmost best to provide value and service as quickly as possible. Never hesitate to turn a problem into an opportunity and always see the bright side.