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How to create gaming apps

Apps can be very technical to create at times and it is imperative for developers to outsource many tasks to produce an output within a given amount of time. If you are into building apps for passive income you can find many likeminded developers who can help for a fee online. Freelancing sites like Up Work are littered with developers from various countries who are very skilled. Creative sides of the game are sometimes hard to master so make sure you can draw out exactly what you want to achieve in a simple manner so anyone can understand your idea.

If you lack PHP knowledge for instance there is no need to fret you can always take advantage of those who are ready and able to help online. You can also leverage other things like blueprints. These are essentially templates you can find online for a particular set of code that can form the base to your app. If you have an app that is extremely creative then these templates might not be of much use to you.

If you have a complex game or even a simple one like Bus Simulator racing (Which you can download from the google play store), all you have to do is wireframe the game to make the entire creation process a piece of cake.


POP, Mock ability, Blueprint etc. are just some tools that will help you make your 1st wireframe. Make sure you read their documentation thoroughly to have an understanding of what exactly it does for you. These platforms all function very differently to one another.

Tips for monetizing your play store games

Monetizing games can be a huge task for any developer. We have some tips that you can follow to ensure you get the best for providing your service. Firstly, make sure you develop the app for the user and keep the target audience in mind at all times. Stop focusing on the competition and focus on the design characteristics your target market will want.

Offer something novel to your users like regular updates and even personalization options. Universal games have developed Penguin Run that targets children and these two points are executed very well. You can even give away rewards for sharing on social platforms and they can unlock items in game for sharing their scores etc.


The light version of an app is essential. Whether it is for games or a business oriented app you definitely need a free version that acts as a stepping stone to the paid version this is absolutely essential to your success. You can reduce an amazing amount of cognitive dissonance this way. You can incorporate all the feedback you get and make the paid option even better to increase user satisfaction. Whilst doing this a lot, of companies make the mistake of not offering enough interesting features in the paid version, make sure the paid one far exceeds the features of the free version.

Venture beat have put out an amazing report with data gathered from the top 176 game developers in the world and you can check this out to improve your own app’s performance.

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